Honeywell MicroRAE

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Showing 1 - 24 of 39 products
003-3004-000 Honeywell Automotive charging adapter 12 VDC.
002-3013-000 Honeywell Wrist strap. For Use with All Models
Honeywell Product CD
Honeywell Product CD
Sale price£39.00
Honeywell Service kit membrane waterproof (Pack of 10)
Honeywell Auxiliary filter (External Filter)
Honeywell Back Plate Screws W/O-Ring (Pack of 10)
Honeywell Front cover Assy MicroRAE
Honeywell Confined Space Kit CSK1 (does not include monitor)
Honeywell Calibration cap with tubing
Honeywell Kit,Truck Mount Charging Cradle for MicroRAE***
Honeywell Cradle charger
Honeywell Cradle charger
Sale price£95.00
Honeywell Travel charger
Honeywell Travel charger
Sale price£110.00
Honeywell Dummy Sensor,Mini LEL (Pack of 5)
Honeywell Dummy Sensor,Mini EC (Pack of 5)
Honeywell Filter H2S+Si, Mini LEL Sensor (Pack of 5)
Honeywell Filter H2S, Mini LEL Sensor (Pack of 5)
Honeywell %LEL combustibles sensor
Honeywell Oxygen sensor ( O₂‚)
Honeywell Hydrogen Cyanide sensor (HCN)

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