Established in 1998, ISS is a leading supplier of specialised Health and Safety Equipment and Services. Products include gas detection instruments, escape equipment, breathing apparatus & health & safety rescue equipment, supported by our extensive range of services and training.

Expert advice for over 20 years

ISS provides exceptional customer care with over 20 years’ experience supporting our clients with expert product knowledge, maintenance, training and services, all based on individual needs.

Don’t just take our word for it, we have an impressive portfolio of clients from multinational organisations to SMEs, all of whom share a common goal of providing the safest, healthiest working environment for their people and property.

Industry Partner

We work across a variety of industries including Power, Pharmaceutical, Facilities Management, Construction, Engineering, Waste Management, Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing and Utilities including water, electricity, gas, sanitation, and communications.

Below are some of the clients who have chosen ISS as a safety partner:


Industrial Safety Services aim to provide the best safety products, services, and advice for the health, protection, and wellbeing of individuals in a working environment through partnerships built on integrity, reliability, trust, and quality.



Continue to grow globally by supporting organisations in the awareness of workplace risks and the actions required to best mitigate those risks.


Our Team

ISS is a family-run business that has built a reputation for excellent customer service through a philosophy of ‘people-first’ and helping our clients to achieve the highest standards in health and safety.

The ISS Team is driven to achieve excellence through a culture of continuous learning and improvement and always being customer focused. ISS employs a dynamic adaptable team who work in Emergency Response, Sales, Customer Service, Workshop/Service, Accounts, and Marketing.

ISS Managing Directors are Eamonn McCann and Paul McCann, both of whom have worked in the health and safety sector for over 20 years and together have a wealth of experience and knowledge across a range of industries and scenarios.


Eamonn McCann

Paul McCann

Specialist Health and Safety Services

ISS offer a full complement of products, training and services to support the safety and compliance of your people and property.

With over 20 years’ experience in industrial gas detection, breathing apparatus and specialised health and safety equipment, ISS work across many environments including Power, Pharma, Facilities, Water Treatment, Construction and Utilities sectors.

Operating extensively throughout Ireland and the UK, with a range of products and service available worldwide.

All our products and solutions are fully supported by our team of experts who pride themselves on their specialist knowledge and outstanding customer support.

Our services include:


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