Dräger Breathing Apparatus Accessories

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Showing 1 - 24 of 33 products
Dräger Storage Cabinet (polycarbonate) Part No. 3310260
Dräger Spectacle frame kit FPS7000 Part No. R56230
Dräger FPS-COM 5000 (Communication system without mask)
Dräger FPS® COM5 000 with positive pressure facemask
Dräger FPS® COM 7000 with positive pressure mask
Dräger RFID and Collar fitted to Cylinder Neck Part No. 3358855
Dräger RFID fitted into Cylinder Valve handle recess Part No. 3362617
Dräger MP Hose Identifier (Yellow), 10 Part No. 3360474
Dräger Personal Line – Pouch Only (Dräger Logo) Part No. 3310635
Dräger Adapter kit Part No. R56799
Dräger Adapter kit
Sale price£70.32
Dräger Pull forward belt assembly – Metal Buckle Part No. 3350394
Dräger Decontamination Hose (QRC Female) Part No. 3337650
Dräger Personal Line in Nomex Pouch (Dräger Logo) Part No. 3310634
Dräger Twin Pack kit (2 x 6.8 litre 300 bar Carbon cylinders) Part No. 3337662
Dräger PSS® Pneumatics RFID Kit, 10 Part No. 3360484
Dräger Retractable personal line Part No. 3310699
Dräger Airline Belt Manifold (QRC) Part No. 3337600
Dräger T Piece (2 x 6.8 litre 300 bar Carbon Cylinders) Part No. 3337660
Dräger LDV Holder Part No. 3339633
Dräger LDV Holder
Sale price£7.14
Dräger PSS® rescue hood Part No. 3354982
Dräger PSS® rescue hood
Sale price£191.47
Dräger Breathing Apparatus Holdall Carry Bag Part No. 3356473
Dräger Personal Line Loop/Waistbelt loop Part No. 3334968

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