Accessories for Dräger X-AM

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Showing 1 - 24 of 90 products
Dräger Alkaline power pack (without 2 AA batteries) Part No. 8318703
Dräger Selective Filter K1T (H2S) for XS SO2 sensor Part No. 6809163
Dräger Extended life Rechargable NiMH Power Pack T4
Dräger X-Act 7000 Labelholder for shoulder strap (5 pcs.)
Leather case for Dräger X-am® with external pump Part No. 8327103
Dräger X-am® external pump with USB cable Part No. 8327100
Dräger X-am® 7000 X-am® 7000 Bump Test Station Part No. 8318909
Dräger X-am® 7000 Ammonia 0-200 ppm Part No. 6809145
Dräger Water & Dust Filter (with 6cm hose) Part No. 8313648
Dräger Wall bracket comfort (adjustable tipping angle) Part No. 8321910
Dräger Wall bracket basic Part No. 8321922
Dräger Wall bracket basic
Sale price£54.49
Dräger Vehicle charger mounting kit for 1 charging module Part No. 8318779
Dräger USB Multi-Charger Part No. 8327113
Dräger USB Multi-Charger
Sale price£96.15
Dräger USB charger for X-am® pump Part No. 8327102
Dräger Sulphur Dioxide 0 -100 ppm Part No. 6809160
Dräger Spare USB cable Part No. 8327108
Dräger Spare USB cable
Sale price£9.61
Dräger Smart Cat Ex Sensor PR LEL Part No. 6812980
Dräger Smart Cat Ex Sensor HC PR LEL/Vol% Part No. 6812970
Dräger Smart Cat Ex FR PR Part No. 6812975
Dräger Smart Cat Ex FR PR
Sale price£338.23

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