Dräger VOICE - your hazmat-based safety product finder

Dräger VOICE is an essential tool for the safe handling of hazmats.

Use Dräger's advanced database to find information and recommendations for safety equipment.

The database holds details on more than 1,500 hazardous substances.


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As a user of the VOICE database, regardless of which platform you use, you acknowledge the following notices as applicable terms and conditions.

The information provided in the VOICE database does not serve to evaluate the circumstances of individual cases and does not draw any binding conclusions with regard to condition or scientific insights, and it contains no assurances with regard to products of the Dräger Group or other manufacturers.
The VOICE database serves exclusively to offer non-binding information. The information does not claim to be complete, up to date or accurate.

Decisions that inherently pose a risk of injury or a hazard to human beings or property should not be made on the basis of this information. If products are suggested to you during your use of the database, these are non-binding recommendations that are made on the basis of general considerations. Whether this product is the right choice for your specific, individual situation, cannot be determined by such considerations.
The recommendation is intended to simplify the selection process for you in the future, or to prepare you for interacting with our customer support.
At the same time, it provides you with a function-specific, non-binding and non-exclusive overview of the Dräger product portfolio.

Depending on their protection category, our products protect against inhalation or absorption of radioactive particles. Please note however that our products do NOT protect against radioactive emissions or radiation damage!