The Dräger Gas Detection Connect for X-dock- Safety, Efficiency, & Reduced Costs

Whether you have just a few detectors on site or a large fleet with many workers across multiple locations, you will understand the challenges of maintaining compliant equipment.

You will be aware of the need to ensure constant availability of these life saving devices as well as the need to ensure they devices are being used and maintained correctly.

How it works:

Dräger Gas Detection Connect is the future of occupational safety by connecting individual devices to a smart software portal allowing you to view the position and status of your gas detection equipment and workers. So you can protect your workforce and increase the efficiency of your plant.

Dräger Gas Detection Connect  works with your existing Dräger X-dock test stations to provide an easy-to-use asset management solution.


 Dräger Gas Detection Connect


  • Connecting individual devices with the Gas Detection Connect ensures one smart system, showing an overview of all monitors, anytime, anywhere.
  • Permission based access, via a secure cloud solution.
  • Live Monitoring via the web application ensures you can view the position, movement and status of both the person and the gas detection devices.
  • Quick and easy access to exposure logs and alarm events, download and print certificates, detailed detector bump tests results and calibration status. Data can be exported if required.
  • Instant alerts in the event of an alarm


View Video - The Future of Gas Detection