TPPLWDANNSNNNN Honeywell Touchpoint™ Plus Wireless Controller for up to 64 wireless channels, 2.4GHz, with DC supply and wall mounted enclosure. Supplied complete with 12x relays.


Sale price£3,532.00


Touchpoint™ Plus Wireless is a multi-channel controller with a built-in wireless modem that is designed for integration with MeshGuard intelligent network of connected sensor combined with traditional hard wired sensors. Touchpoint™ Plus Wireless is a wall mounted control system with a simple configuration, that supports up to 64 wireless channels and has an option of up to eight channels of gas detection. It accepts inputs from 2 or 3-wire mA field devices. Touchpoint™ Plus Wireless includes a comprehensive set of outputs as standard including common alarms. Its intuitive, multilingual interface simplifies operation and minimises training requirements. The full colour traffic light style status indication provides clarity from a distance.

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