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Dräger Panorama Nova Silicone P PC Part No. R53070

Dräger Panorama Nova Silicone P PC

  • £310.81

Dräger Panorama Nova Silicone P PC

The Panorama Nova mask from Dräger Safety is ideal for use in oxygen-deficient atmospheres and when dealing with hazardous substances. This particular full face mask has a silicone mask body and a polycarbonate visor.

Use with positive-pressure lung demand valves, compressed-air breathing equipment and stationary systems due to the ‘P’ plug-in connection.

You can also use the Panorama Nova with a range of spare parts and accessories including the Dräger HPS 6100 hard hat. This is a fireman’s helmet, ideal for rescue operations.


  • Great fit to face
  • Comfortable silicone mask body
  • Easy to put on in an emergency due to special harness
  • Double sealing frame ensures tight fit
  • Increases user safety

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