Dräger XXS CO HC (0 -10000ppm)

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Dräger XXS Electrochemical Sensor Carbon Monoxide CO High Concentration

Measuring Carbon Monoxide CO High Concentration
Range 010000ppm
Calibration Interval 6 month
Warranty 1 year warranty
Suitable For: X-Am 5000, X-Am 5600

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Dräger XXS Electrochemical Sensor

Dräger has developed miniature electrochemical sensors specially for the Dräger Pac® and X-am® 1/2/5 generation. The sensors detect many different gases and vapours. They are also very reliable and stable over the long-term, thereby reducing your operating costs.

XXS in size XXL in performance

Portable gas-detection devices for daily use should be as small, light and robust as possible but also offer maximum performance. Reason enough for us to reduce the volume and weight of the sensors drastically and develop a miniaturised XXS generation of DrägerSensors. High sensitivity and improved gas selectivity combined with excellent long-term stability and rapid response times guarantee that users are alerted quickly and reliably to the presence of hazardous gases, providing more safety at work.

Sensor diversity

In addition to the DrägerSensors XXS H2S, CO and O2, Dräger also offers sensors for hydride, amine and organic vapours. The sensitivity data for more than 12 different gases and vapours stored on the XXS OV sensors make it possible to detect several gas hazards with a single sensor.

Internal development

We develop the sensors ourselves using our own engineering knowledge. In this way, we can assure their quality and we know the measurements are accurate. This allows them to be fully utilized in combination with our full line of in-house developed Dräger gas detectors.

Low operating costs

DrägerSensors deliver reliable measurement results and have long calibration intervals. Depending on the sensor type, we ensure a lifetime of up to five years.

For information on the Dräger X-Am 5000, X-Am 5600 range please click below

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