Dräger Hydrogen 0-2000 ppm

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Dräger XS Electrochemical Sensor - Hydrogen H2 0-2000 ppm

Measuring Hydrogen H2
Range 0-2000 ppm
Calibration Interval 6 Months
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Suitable For X-am 7000

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Dräger XS Electrochemical Sensor

Dräger develop the sensors using their own engineering knowledge. In this way, we can assure their quality and we know the measurements are accurate. This allows them to be fully utilized in combination with our full line of in-house developed Dräger gas detectors. Their engineers have even developed DrägerSensors XS to deal with the challenges of highly reactive gases such as H2O2, HF, HCl or hydrazine, for example.

Multiple sensor options

With the DrägerSensors XS, you can safely monitor industrial and special gases. In addition to DrägerSensors XS H2S, CO, O2, Dräger also offers sensors for hydrides, amines and organic vapours. The sensitivity data of more than 12 different gases and vapours are stored in the XS OV sensor, so that multiple gas hazards can be measured by a single sensor.

Low operating costs

Due to the excellent reliability and high measurement quality of DrägerSensors XS, Dräger can ensure a service life of up to five years. Also, because they are so stable, longer calibration intervals are possible. These excellent properties reduce your operating costs considerably.

Simple to use due to Smart Technology

The DrägerSensors XS are so-called intelligent sensors that are equipped with an integrated EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory). All relevant sensor data, such as temperature compensation, measuring range, calibration interval and gas type are stored in this memory module. This information is automatically processed when the sensor is inserted into a Dräger X-am® 7000. The plug & play function allows sensors to be swapped between devices, without, for example, having to recalibrate them.

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