Dräger C3H8 0.9 Vol% (53%LEL) /H2S 20ppm/CO 50ppm/CO2 2%/O2 18%/N2

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Dräger Calibration Gas C3H8/H2S/CO/CO2/O2 / Nitrogen

Calibration Gas C3H8/H2S/CO/CO2/O2
Gas Mix C3H8 0.9 Vol% (53%LEL) / H2S 20ppm / CO 50ppm / CO2 2% / O2 18% / N2
Balanced In Nitrogen
Mixture Multi Gas
Bottle Size 58ltr (8AL)

Supplied in non refillable cylinder.

Requires a regulator and delivery tubing if not used with a Dräger bump test station.

Calibration of equipment will ensure safe operation and functionality of equipment and will also meet with the applicable regulations and codes of practice. Various calibration options are available to provide this facility.

Single gas and mixtures of reliable quality

Dräger provides single gases and gas mixtures of reliable, constant quality. These are available in a range of different size cylinders.

Tailor-made for Dräger gas measuring devices

The Dräger calibration gases are specifically tailored to meet the requirements of the range of gas measuring devices.

Recyclable cylinders

The gases are supplied in small, light and recyclable disposable cylinders. Therefore, calibration tasks and function tests can easily be carried out in the workshop or on site.

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