Dräger Spectacle frame kit FPS7000

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Dräger Spectacles Framekit FPS7000

This spectacle frame kit is for use with the FPS 7000 full face mask from Dräger Safety.

This pack contains 1 piece.

This kit will allow you see through your mask without having to wear glasses. Before you buy this kit check with your opticians that they are able to provide you with lenses for this frame.
Once you have lenses which fit the spectacle frame the kit can be fitted inside the mask without the need for any additional tools. Any adjustments can be made once the kit is clipped into the mask.

When wearing a full face mask it€„¢s important that the seal around the face is not broken. The seal prevents any contaminated air getting and wearing glasses for example is something that may cause the seal to be broken. This is one of the great advantages of the spectacle kit as it allows you to see as normal without compromising your safety.

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