Dräger SPC 4800,orange (CLF), antistatic

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Size: Small Dräger SPC 4800 orange (CLF) antistatic
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The Dräger SPC 4800 protective suit is made of soft CLF material (orange),
lightweight and comfortable to work with. The SPC 4800 features an extra soft
face cuff and is equipped with attached laminate gloves and arm cuffs. The socks
have specially designed integrated antistatic polymer which improve conductivity.
In combination with EDS boots the user is earthed and working in dedicated exzones
is possible.


- Material: CLF
- Colour: orange
- Hood with a soft face cuff (mask can be worn over or underneath the face cuff)
- Welded laminate gloves with arm cuff to cover shaft of over glove
- Socks made of suit material with an integrated antistatic sole
- Zipper with double flap horizontal on backside
- Limited use
- Shelf life: 10 years

20 Suits

The overalls are available in following sizes:


Dräger SPC 4800, size S, orange (CLF), antistatic 


Dräger SPC 4800, size M, orange (CLF), antistatic 


Dräger SPC 4800, size L, orange (CLF), antistatic


Dräger SPC 4800, size XL, orange (CLF), antistatic


Dräger SPC 4800, size XXL, orange (CLF) , antistatic


Dräger SPC 4800, size XXXL, orange (CLF), antistatic 

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