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Dräger Spare Compressed Air (Saver PP10)

Dräger Spare Compressed Air (Saver PP10)

  • £426.27

This Dräger Safety PP cylinder and valve are complementary products of the Dräger Saver PP10 positive-pressure, emergency escape breathing device.  

This particular version of the cylinder is 2 litre/200 bar and will provide users with a minimum of 10 minutes breathing air.

The cylinder fits into the soft bag or the hard bag of the Saver PP10 and can be connected to the Dräger Panorama Nova full face mask, lung demand valve and also the supplementary air hose connection. The emergency escape breathing apparatus is lightweight and provides the wearer with a constant rate of air flow until a cylinder is completely empty. In this case, a spare cylinder would be a great accessory to have present in a hazardous situation.

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