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Dräger Simultaneous Test Set for inorganic fumes 1

Application Range:

Standard Measuring Range and Colour Change

Dräger-Tubes in Simultaneous Test-set 1 1. Scale mark (ppm) 2. Scale mark (ppm)

1. Acid gas:

- Blue to yellow

5 25

2. Hydrocyanic acid:

- Yellow to red

10 50

3. Carbon Monoxide:

- White to brown green

30 150

4. Basic Gas:

- Yellow to blue

50 250

5. Nitrous Gas:

- Pale grey to blue grey

5 25
Number of strokes n: 10
Time for measurement: approx. 40s

Ambient Operating Conditions:

Temperature: 10 to 30 °C
Absolute Humidity: 5 to 15 mg H2O / L

(Semi Quantitative measurements are also possible outside this range. Water aerosols may result in minus errors.)


The Simultaneous Test Set was developed for the semi-quantitative measurement of fumes and decomposition gases. It is used to estimate and limit risks by obtaining information about health risks or possible intoxication hazards in the area of a fire. The Simultaneous Test Set cannot be used to determine the risk of explosion. A negative result with the Simultaneous Test Set does not exclude the presence of other hazardous gases.

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