Dräger Tube -Olefins 0.05% /a

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Dräger Tubes For Short Term Measurements: Olefine 0.05%/a

Dräger Safety offer a massive range of short-term gas detection tubes for the measurement of various gases. This particular set of tubes is for (Olefine 0.05%/a).

The tubes come in a pack of 10 tubes and have a shelf life of 2 years.

Part no Dräger Tube Substance Measurement Range
CH31201 Olefins 0.05% /a Butadiene 100 to 1200 ppm
Butylene 0.04 to 2.4 %
1,4- Dichlorobut-2-ene Qualitative
Olefins (general) 0.04 to 3.2 %

Application Range:

Standard Measuring Range: 0.06 to 3.2 vol. % propylene 0.04 to 2.4 vol. % butylene
Number of Strokes n: 20 to 1
Time for Measurement: max. 5 min
Standard Deviation: ± 30 %
Colour Change: violet to pale brown

Ambient Operating Conditions:

Temperature: 0 to 40 °C
Absolute Humidity < 30 mg H2O / L

Reaction Principle:

CH3-CH2-CH=CH2 + MnO4 ~> MnIV + various oxidation products

Cross Sensitivity:

Many organic compounds with C=C double bonds are indicated, but with different sensitivities. It is impossible to differentiate between them. It is impossible to measure olefines in the presence of dialkyl sulfides..

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