Dräger Tube -Hydrogen Sulphide 1/d

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Dräger Tubes For Short Term Measurements: Hydrogen Sulfide 1/d

Dräger Safety offer a massive range of short-term gas detection tubes for the measurement of various gases. This particular set of tubes is for (Hydrogen Sulfide 1/d).

The tubes come in a pack of 10 tubes and have a shelf life of 2 years.

Application Range:

Use in MultiTest med. Int.

Standard Measuring Range: 1 to 20 ppm
Test Volume: 1L
Flow Rate: 0.17 L / min (CO2)
Time for Measurement: 6 min
Standard Deviation: ± 15 %
Colour Change: white to brown

Ambient Operating Conditions:

Temperature: 2 to 40 °C
Absolute Humidity: max 40 mg H2O / L
Pressure: The tube may only be used for depressurized compressed air

Reaction Principle:

H2S + Cu2+ ~> CuS + 2 H+

Cross Sensitivity:

500 ppm hydrochloric acid, 500 ppm sulfur dioxide, 500 ppm ammonia or 100 ppm arsine do not affect the indication. Methyl mercaptan and ethyl mercaptan change the entire indicating layer to a pale yellow. when mixed with hydrogen sulfide the reading is extended by approx. 30 %.


reading on the (n= 10) scale = ppm H2S.

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