Dräger Tube -Cyclohexaylamine 2/a

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Dräger Tubes For Short Term Measurements: Cyclohexylamine 2/a

Dräger Safety offer a massive range of short-term gas detection tubes for the measurement of various gases. This particular set of tubes is for (Cyclohexylamine 2/a).

The tubes come in a pack of 10 tubes and have a shelf life of 2 years.

Part no Dräger Tube Substance Measurement Range
6728931 Cyclohexaylamine 2/a n-Butylamine 2 to 30 ppm
Cyclohexylamine 2 to 30 ppm
Isopropyl Amine 2 to 30 ppm
n-Propylamine 2 to 30 ppm
iso-Propylamine 2 to 30 ppm

Application Range:

Standard Measuring Range: 2 to 30 ppm
Number of Strokes n: 10
Time for Measurement: approx. 4 min
Standard Deviation: ± 15 to 20 %
Colour Change: yellow to blue

Ambient Operating Conditions:

Temperature: 15 to 35 °C
Absolute Humidity 3 to 15 mg H2O / L

Reaction Principle:

C6H11NH2 + pH-indicator ~> blue reaction product

Cross Sensitivity:

Other basic substances such as organic amines and ammonia are indicat ed as well..

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