Dräger PSS® BG4 FEP M24x2 Connecting Thread

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Dräger PSS BG4 FEP M24x2 Connecting Thread

This particular version has a M24x2 Connecting Thread and has a service life of up to 4 hours.

Ideal for long-term use, the PSS BG4 can be used in environments where toxic pollutants are present. The positive pressure function will prevent any ingress of contaminants into your breathing air and breathing circuit.

An oxygen cylinder and CO2 absorber combine to bound the CO2 contained in exhaled air and enrich your breathing air with oxygen.

Another advantage of the PSS BG4 is the cool breathing air that€„¢s provided. This is done by filling the cooler with ice, which will in turn reduce the temperature of any inhaled air.


  • Able to be mounted without any tools
  • Transport your CCBA in motor vehicles with the anti-vibration strap
  • Ergonomic carrying frame and low weight makes the BG4 easy to wear
  • Dust filter included in the CO2 absorber
  • Additional parts include a full face mask with connector and exhalation hose

Please note that full face mask, oxygen cylinder and preferred CO2 absorber are not included.

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