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Dräger PAS Micro Escape set (EN 402)

Dräger PAS Micro Escape set (EN 402)

  • £644.86

Dräger PAS Micro Escape set (EN 402)

The Dräger PAS Micro Escape Set is versatile and technologically advanced. This escape set is a back-mounted unit that is designed to fit into the contours of the back. This increases comfort and stability.

The back plate of the PAS Micro features an integrated hose and pressure reducer. This part of the design will reduce catching and will protect the pressure reducer. 

The PAS Micro Escape Set is an example of an airline emergency escape set which can be used in conjunction with Dräger's  PAS AirPack 1 or 2 airline systems.


  • Locatable buckles, easy to find when wearing gloves
  • Buckles are also adjustable
  • Anti-static harness is inert to chemicals and oil, and impervious to most acids and alkalis
  • Harness also has a high resistance to abrasion and heat and is fully machine washable

    Please note - The product only contains the PAS Micro escape set harness and an integrated lung demand valve. The product requires a Panorama Nova face mask and appropriate cylinder.

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