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    Dräger PARAT Training Hood Soft Pack Hard Case

    Dräger PARAT Training Hood Soft Pack Hard Case

    • £200.90

    The training hood is based on the Drager’s range of emergency escape hoods – the PARAT 4700, 5500 and 7500 series. Using such a device in training exercises will provide the benefit of preparation.

    This particular version comes in a robust, hard case which can also be stored on a wall.

    This product includes an empty dummy filter. The dummy filter will help emulate what it’s like to wear the escape hood in a real life emergency situation. It’s great for training purposes and will allow users to practice donning and doffing the device quickly and efficiently.

    The emergency escape hoods come in a bright, visible colour which will help the wearer be seen.

    Please Note that this product is just the training hood.

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