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Dräger PARAT 7530 Hard Case

Dräger PARAT 7530 Hard Case

  • £227.38

Dräger PARAT 7530 Hard Case

The PARAT 7530 from Drager is a reliable escape hood which comes in a protective hard case. This hood will provide you with a minimum escape time of 15 minutes.

Make your escape from a hazardous area with optimal protection from the integrated, high-performance filter. This combination filter is an ABEK CO P3 filter which will protect you from toxic gases, vapours, particles and fire-related gases such as carbon monoxide.

Draeger Safety has designed the PARAT 7530 hood to ensure you are protected from the second you don the escape hood. Filter plugs automatically deploy the filter for use as soon as the packaging is opened. The inbuilt self-adjusting harness will also assure there is no time wasted making any additional adjustments once the escape hood is on.


  • Protective seal will show that packaging hasn’t been opened
  • Clip the unit onto your belt or shoulder strap for easy access
  • View filter expiry details through window on the packaging
  • Signal colour used for hood – enhances visibility
  • Hot air directly let out of the half mask by exhalation valve
  • Wide, anti-fog coated lens

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