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Dräger PARAT 7520 Soft Pack

Dräger PARAT 7520 Soft Pack

  • £215.38

Dräger PARAT 7520 Soft Pack

The PARAT 7520 combines the filters of the Draeger PARAT 4700 and 5500 series to offer you a complete ABEK CO P3 combination filter. This type of high-performance filter will protect you against toxic industrial gases, vapours, particles and also any fire-related gases.

This escape hood comes ready to use with a self-adjusting internal harness which means there is no time wasted on adjusting the harness and an immediate escape can be made.


  • Filter plugs hold filter in place until device is ready to be used
  • Anti-tamper security seal for extra protection
  • Easily clipped onto a belt or a strap
  • Filter expiry date and hood condition can be viewed through window in the packaging
  • Increased visibility with vividly coloured hood
  • Exhalation valve releases hot air – prevents fogging
  • Anti-fog coated lens

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