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Dräger PARAT 5530 Hard Case

Dräger PARAT 5530 Hard Case

  • £207.34

Dräger PARAT 5530 Hood

This product comes in a robust hard case and will provide you with a minimum of 15 minutes to escape from a hazardous situation.

The device comes with an integrated, high-performance CO-P2 filter, which is deployed, into an operational position once the filter plug is automatically released. This will allow the hood to be immediately donned and used.


  • Filter plugs seal the filter until opened
  • Device secured with anti-tamper seal
  • Able to be clipped onto your belt or shoulder strap
  • Window in packaging indicates filter expiry date
  • Brightly coloured hood enhances visibility
  • Hot air released through exhalation valve
  • Anti-fog coated lens allows wide field of vision

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