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    Dräger PARAT 4730 Hard Case

    Dräger PARAT 4730 Hard Case

    • £207.34

    Dräger PARAT 4730 Hard Case

    The Drager Parat 4730 is a robust escape hood from Draeger Safety. It comes in a protective hard case and will provide you with a minimum of 15 minutes escape time from a hazardous situation.

    The hood contains a high-performance combination filter (ABEK P3) which will protect you from particles and toxic gases or vapours. The filter is tightly sealed with two filter plugs but when the device has opened, the filter and hood will be ready for immediate use.


    • Easily transportable – clip onto your belt or shoulder pad
    • Protective seal to ensure device hasn’t been opened
    • Window in packaging will highlight condition of hood and expiration date of filter
    • Brightly coloured hood enhances visibility
    • Integrated exhalation valve
    • Wide, anti-fog coated lens

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