Dräger Panorama Nova Standard P

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Dräger Panorama NovaStandard Full Face Mask

This particular full face mask from the Dräger Safety Panorama Nova range has a €ËP€„¢ plug-in connection which is suitable for use with positive pressure lung demand valves, self-contained breathing apparatus and compressed-air breathing apparatus.

It also features a comfortable EPDM mask body and adaption system, a polycarbonate visor and a plastic red visor frame. All of these features make up a quality face mask which is ideal for protection of the respiratory tract and eyes from hazardous substances.

The wide polycarbonate visor on the Panorama Nova gives a panoramic view which is great for prolonged use of the mask. It is angled at 180°, allowing a wide field of vision.


  • Comfortable EPDM material used
  • Can be used in high and low temperature environments
  • Fits almost all face shapes due to universal sizing system
  • Features a double sealing frame and ensures tight fit to the face
  • Can be used with a range of Dräger accessories (including HPS helmets)
  • PC visor is distortion-free thanks to intelligent ventilation system
  • Offers a long service life

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