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Dräger Panorama Nova P PC Full Face Mask

Dräger Panorama Nova P PC Full Face Mask

  • £253.68

Dräger Panorama Nova P PC Full Face Mask

The Dräger Panorama Nova is a full face mask, ideal for low-oxygen environments and contact with hazardous substances. This particular version of the face mask has a anti-scratch coated polycarbonate visor with anti-scratch coating and an EPDM mask body.

This full face mask can be used in connection with Dräger's range of positive-pressure compressed-air breathing apparatus or stationary systems. The plug-in connection is compatible with positive-pressure lung-demand valves.

It’s great for hazardous environments and the double sealing frame of the mask body on the Panorama Nova will ensure that dangerous substances are not able to penetrate the mask.


  • Easy to don due to special head harness
  • Tight fit due to double sealing frame on mask body
  • Able to connect with the Drager HPS 6100 helmet
  • Robust PC visor is impact-resistant
  • Features a robust plastic connection with inhalation and exhalation valve

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