Dräger 1140 AXB2

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Dräger Gas filter - 1140 AXB2

The Dräger AXB2 is a special type of gas filter with an Rd40 standard connection. The AX part of the gas filter will protect against gases and vapours of organic compounds with boiling point 65 °C. The B part will protect against class 2 inorganic gases and vapours such as chlorine, hydrogen sulphide and hydrogen cyanide.

This particular filter can only be used in conjunction with full face masks as the filter weighs more than 300 grams. Full face masks with an Rd40 connection includes the X-plore 6300.

The shelf life of gas filters such as the AXB2 is 6 years from the date of production. Filters are also individually packaged to ensure optimal protection.

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