Dräger FPS® 7730 M2-PC-CR

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Dräger FPS 7730 M2-PC-CR

The FPS 7000 is a full face mask from Dräger Safety. This particular version of the face mask is made from an EPDM material and comes in a size Medium with a €ËP€„¢ connection (plug-in, overpressure).

Its large polycarbonate visor will give you a wide field of vision, ideal for rescue and escape situations. The EPDM mask body also ensures the mask can be worn comfortably.

The Dräger FPS 7000 also has the ability to integrate with other Dräger accessories and products. The mask will come with a special connection to allow connection to the Dräger HPS 6200 helmet. The FPS 7000 can be used with different modules from the Dräger FPS-COM range to allow full communication when wearing the full face mask.


  • Great air circulation helps ensure visor does not mist
  • Ergonomic 5-point connection head harness
  • Double sealing line to ensure a secure fit to face
  • Huge range of accessories and spare parts available

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