Extension hose, Dräger accuro, 15m incl. Adapter for tubes, adapter for hose

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Dräger Extension Hose, 15m including Adapter, adapter for hose

This extension hose is a complementary product for the Drager Accuro gas detection pump.
This particular version of the extension hose is 1 metres in length and may also be used with the X-Act 5000 and short-term gas detection tube range.

The standard 15m extension hose is made from a fuel-resistant synthetic rubber.

The purpose of the extension hose is to allow the user to test air quality in difficult to reach places. This may include pre-entry checks into applications with silos, storm drains and sewers and also tanks.

The 15m extension hose features an adapter which allows connection to the gas detector pump and on the other end a tube holder assembly will ensure there is a tight fit to the chosen Drager tube.

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