Dräger Disposable CO2 absorber complete with Drägersorb® 400 (soda lime).

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Dräger Disposable CO2 absorber complete with Drägersorb 400

This disposable CO2 absorber from Dräger Safety is for use with the Drägersorb 400, also from Dräger.

This CO2 absorber is also available as a reusable part.

The cartridge adds to reproducible absorption results due to it allowing an even filling. This product is an accessory of the PSS BG4 closed circuit breathing apparatus, which is able to provide you with clean, dry breathing air for up to four hours.

The PSS BG4 can typically be used in applications such as firefighting and mining rescue. Drägersorb® 400 is used to absorb acid gases, such as carbon dioxide (CO2), in closed or semi-closed circuit breathing apparatus.

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