DrägermanMain Systems Modules PSS® Merlin® (UK) 469.9MHz

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Dräger PSS Merlin 469.9MHz / DrägermanMain Systems Modules PSS® Merlin® (UK) 469.9MHz

The Dräger PSS Merlin Telemetry System offers a precise overview of the status of respiratory equipment wearers. The vital status information is communicated directly between the entry control point and the wearer. Technology, which supports the incident, significantly increases safety and protects the lives of your breathing apparatus wearers.

Telemetry For precise monitoring of breathing apparatus wearers

The PSS Merlin System offers the choice of using two versatile versions. Firstly, you can use the PSS Merlin Entry Control Board, the Dräger Bodyguard 7000 or Bodyguard II electronic monitoring unit and the ATEX-approved PSS Merlin Modem.
Secondly, the system can be used with the Dräger PSS Merlin Software as opposed to the Entry Control Board. The Software, when used with the PSS Merlin PC Modem, offers additional benefits.
By using the PSS Merlin Modem, the latest information will be sent from the Bodyguard 7000 or Bodyguard II to the PSS Merlin Software or Entry Control Board, meaning that the incident commander is given real time information of the breathing apparatus wearer, enabling a prompt response in case of emergency situation.

Life critical information in real time

There is a two way communication between the wearer and the incident commander. Transmitted from the breathing apparatus wearer is the following data:

  • Manual distress signal
  • Automatic distress signal
  • Cylinder pressure
  • Time to whistle
  • Elapsed time
  • Withdrawal and evacuation signal
  • Acknowledgment of global or individual evacuation signal

Via the Software or Entry Control Board, the incident commander is able to

  • send individual or team evacuation
  • acknowledge breathing apparatus wearer's distress signals, automatic distress signals and withdrawal signals

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