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Dräger Combination filter - 940 A2B2P2 R D

Dräger Combination filter - 940 A2B2P2 R D

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Dräger Gas filter - 940 A2B2P2 R D

The A2B2P2 R D combination filter from Dräger Safety can protect against a selection of gases and particulates. This includes gases and vapours of organic compounds, inorganic gases and vapours and class 2 particulates. See the spec table for more details.

This filter has an Rd40 thread connection which is a standard connector in accordance with EN 148-1. The X-plore Rd40 filter range offer clean, breathable air from contaminants.

The A2B2P2 R D filter can be used in more than one shift but this is wholly dependent on many factors. These factors may include the atmosphere around you, rate of breathing resistance and also the temperature.

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