Dräger 1140 A2P3 R D

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Dräger Gas filter - 1140 A2P3 R D

The A2P3 R D combination filter from Dräger Safety is part of the X-plore Rd40 filter range. It'sspecifically for use against gases and vapours of organic compounds with a boiling point of > 65 °C.

It can also offer protection against dust and particulates (99.95% efficient).

It'salso approved as a filter TH/M3 A2B2 P SL R (EN 12941/12942) for the Drager X-plore 7500. It has an Rd40 thread connection which is standard in accordance to EN 148-1. This means it can be used with certain Dräger half and full face masks including the X-plore 6300.

It'simportant to note that although Dräger term the filter as being reusable this will depend on a number of factors. Factors include breathing rate, the atmosphere, humidity and temperature will affect the lifetime of the filter. This means the lifetime will vary amongst users and applications.

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