Dräger 1140 A2B2E2K2HgP3 R D

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Dräger Gas filter - 1140 A2B2E2K2HgP3 R D

The A2B2E2K2 Hg P3 R D filter from Drager Safety offers a high level of protection in many different industries. The filter has a standard Rd40 filter connection in accordance to EN 148-1.

It has the ability to protect against a number of gases including those of organic compounds, inorganic compounds (e.g. chlorine, hydrogen sulphide, and hydrogen cyanide), sulphur dioxide, hydrogen chloride, ammonia and also mercury vapour.

The P3 part of the filter also indicates that it is 99.95% efficient in filtering out dust and particulates.

This particular filter is also approved as a filter TH/M3 A2B2 P SL R (EN 12941/12942) for the Drager X-plore® 7500.

Drager class the A2B2E2K2 Hg P3 R D filter as being reusable or used for more than one work shift. However, the filter can expire after some usage and it'simportant to recognise this when it occurs. End of service life on a filter is recognised by a noticeable taste or smell and/or an increased breathing resistance.

Please note: Hg filters can only be used for a maximum of 50 hours according to EN14387.

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