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Dräger Bayonet Pure P3 R

Dräger Bayonet Pure P3 R

  • £127.80

Dräger Bayonet Pure P3 R - 10 pairs

These Pure P3 R filters from Dräger Safety are part of their range of Bayonet twin filter range. This particular set of filters can be used with the Drager X-plore half masks X-plore 3300 & 3500 and the X-plore 5500 full face mask (all which have a bayonet connection).

The bayonet filters have a protection class of P3. This indicates how efficient the filter is in filtering out particles. P3 indicates that the filter is 99.95% efficient. The ‘R’ indicates that this particular filter has been certified for reuse (more than one shift), however it’s important to be able to tell when your filter can no longer offer protection.

Despite this type of filter being used individually as a particle filter it is possible to convert it into a combination filter (protecting against gaseous vapours also). The Pure P3 R filter from Dräger can be combined with your chosen gas filter (with bayonet connection) and an adapter to create a combination filter.