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Dräger Bayonet A2P3 R D

Dräger Bayonet A2P3 R D

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Dräger Bayonet A2P3 R D - 7 pairs

This particular set of A2P3 filters protect against gases and vapours of organic compounds with boiling point > 65 °C and also class 3 particles. The filters come in a pack containing 7 pairs (14 pieces) and can be used with X-plore 3300, 3500 and 5500 face masks.

The A2 section of the filter is the gas filter (class 2). Class 2 filters may be used at higher concentrations or for a longer time than class 1 filters. However, this is totally dependent on a number of factors including the atmosphere, the occupational exposure limit and breathing resistance of the user. The P3 part of the filter is efficient in filtering out 99.95% of particles.

Although this filter is listed as being reusable (able to be used for more than one work shift) it’s still important to know when you’re filter is no longer providing enough protection. This may be signs such as the taste and scent of chemicals or dust.