Dräger Gas Filters (EN 14387) Bayonet A1B1E1K1

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Dräger Bayonet A1B1E1K1 - 10 pairs

Dräger A1B1E1K1 bayonet filters protect against a range of harmful substances including class 1 organic gases and vapours (of boiling point >65°C), inorganic gases and vapours (including hydrogen sulphide, chlorine and hydrogen cyanide), sulphur dioxide and hydrogen chloride. They also protect against ammonia and organic ammonia derivates.

These particular filters are gas filters, which means they are not suitable for protection against particulates. However, they can be converted using a particle or pad and adapter in order to make a combination filter.

Bayonet filters from Dräger Safety can be used with twin-filter masks. This includes the X-plore 3300 and 3500 half masks and also the X-plore 5500 full face mask.

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