Dräger Gas Filters (EN 14387) Bayonet A1B1E1

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Dräger Bayonet A1B1E1 - 10 pairs

Dräger A1B1E1 bayonet filters offer both comfort and safety. They„¢re part of a range of filters suitable for twin filtered masks such as the X-plore 3300 and 3500 half masks and the X-plore 5500 full face mask. One pack of filters contains 10 pairs (20 pieces).

A1B1E1 gas filters protect against a range of harmful substances including class 1 organic gases and vapours (of boiling point >65°C), inorganic gases and vapours (including hydrogen sulphide, chlorine and hydrogen cyanide), sulphur dioxide and hydrogen chloride.

The Dräger bayonet filters are easy to secure (in a top-down position) and come with clear guidance on usage. As they are gas filters the shelf life from date of production is 6 years. It'simportant to note that these filters are not suitable for filtering out particulates.

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