Dräger Plus LDV SH Push-In (BS8468-1:2006)

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Dräger PSS LDV SH Push-In(BS8468 - 1:2006)

BS8468-1:2006 approved LDVs for use with PSS®5000 and PSS®7000 Must
be used with BS8468 approved Face Mask

Suitable for the most extreme applications whenever Breathing Apparatus has to be worn: with its compact and robust design, and excellent pneumatic performance, the Dräger PSSLung Demand Valve (LDV) will always deliver the air that you need.

Secure facemask connection

Whatever the chosen connector (PI, RD40,RD45 or ESA) secure connection is guarenteed. Double action disconnection is a Draeger design feature, and this prevents it from becoming accidentally disconnected during use. You can trust this secure connection even under extreme conditions or confined space working.


The factory sealed balanced piston mechanism requires no periodic maintenance or lubrication, resulting in minimised lifetime costs. The protective cover is retained by the LDV body and can not be lost during use, but nevertheless can be detached quickly for cleaning and disinfecting the unit whenever necessary.

Robust and Durable

The main body of the PSS LDV is moulded from an extremely robust composite material, and extra protection form impact, flame and chemicals is provided by its durable silicone rubber cover. This rugged design performance ensures that downtime and repair costs are kept to a minimum.

Simple and safe operation

Practical, streamlined design: PSS LDV is easy to operate and connect securely to your facemask, even with gloved hands. The red positive pressure 'switch-off' button is located centrally, which allows for easy location and operation of the function. It's uniquely contoured shape ensures that when fiited to the facemask it will not interfere with your field of vision whilst working.

Greater freedom of movement

Once connected to the front port of the facemask the LDV is able to rotate, accomodating changing orientations of the wearer. In addition, the medium pressure connection to the LDV by means of a swivelling banjo allows another degree of freedom for the wearer. The end result is that the LDV and hose will remain streamlined with your body.

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