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    Dräger 990 A1B1E1K1

    Dräger 990 A1B1E1K1

    • £44.10

    Dräger 990 A1B1E1K1

    This Dräger Gas Filter offers a wide range of protection from harmful gases and vapours. It has a Dräger-specific Rd90 connection that means it’s only suitable for certain masks including the X-plore 4390 and 4790 range of half masks.

    This A1B1E1K1 filter specifically protects against class 1 gases and vapours of organic compounds with boiling point < 65 °C, inorganic gases and vapours, sulphur dioxide and hydrogen chloride, ammonia and ammonia derivates. See the spec table for more detail.

    The Rd90 range of Dräger filters may be used in industries such as shipbuilding, metal processing and automotives.

    Please Note: One pack contains 5 filters.

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