Dräger PSS AirBoss Connect 469 MHz SCS, QC, T, Fixed Height Cylinder Quick Connect (300 bar), Modular Waistpad, Single Cylinder Strap, Tally, Fixed Height

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Full comfort harness, compliant with the requirements of EN 137:2006 (Type 2). Best in class ergonomics with fixed height and adjustable carrying system allowing 3-point back plate height adjustment, incorporating options for swivelling and sliding waist belt assembly.

  • Carbon composite low weight and low profile space frame back plate
  • Breathing hoses integrated into the back plate
  • Antistatic and chemical resistant properties
  • Moulded integrated handles for easy carrying
  • Reflective backplate and waist / shoulder comfort pads
  • Quick-release shoulder harness and waist belt
  • Quick-release pneumatics
  • Nomex cylinder band with Camlock fastener
  • Advanced wear-resistant and flame retardant shoulder and waist padding
  • Aramid harness webbing material
  • Pull forward waist adjustment
  • Quick release LDV connection
  • Monitoring with electronic User Interface
  • Cylinder connection: standard G5/8 thread or Dräger cylinder Quick Connect
  • (300 bar) Cylinder configuration:
  • single cylinder strap (SCS) for single cylinder configurations and universal cylinder strap (TCS) for single and twin cylinder configurations.

Connect ECU
Electronic monitoring unit features:

  • Integrated ADSU and distress signalling.
  • Visual and acoustic warnings and alarms.
  • Easy Push-Button Operation.
  • Digital display of cylinder pressure.
  • User configurable.
  • Enhanced display
  • Automatic self tests and system tests.
  • Data log with personal ID.
  • PC link software.
  • Time to whistle.
  • Choice of operation modes.
  • Lightweight user friendly design.

Key - SCS = Single Cylinder Strap TCS = Twin Cylinder strap QC = Quick Connect HA = Height Adjustable SB = Safety Belt WW = Webbing Waistpad CH = chargAir

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