Dräger PSS AirBoss Connect 469 MHz SCS, QC, T, HA,Cylinder Quick Connect (300 bar), Modular Waistpad, Single Cylinder Strap,Tally, Height Adjustable

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PSS AirBoss Connect 469 MHz SCS, QC, T, HA Cylinder Quick Connect (300 bar), Modular Waistpad, Single Cylinder Strap, Tally, Height Adjustable


Full comfort harness, compliant with the requirements of EN 137:2006 (Type 2). Best in class ergonomics with fixed height and adjustable carrying system allowing 3-point back plate height adjustment, incorporating options for swivelling and sliding waist belt assembly.

  • Carbon composite low weight and low profile space frame back plate
  • Breathing hoses integrated into the back plate
  • Antistatic and chemical resistant properties
  • Moulded integrated handles for easy carrying
  • Reflective backplate and waist / shoulder comfort pads
  • Quick-release shoulder harness and waist belt
  • Quick-release pneumatics
  • Nomex cylinder band with Camlock fastener
  • Advanced wear-resistant and flame retardant shoulder and waist padding
  • Aramid harness webbing material
  • Pull forward waist adjustment
  • Quick release LDV connection
  • Monitoring with electronic User Interface
  • Cylinder connection: standard G5/8 thread or Dräger cylinder Quick Connect
  • (300 bar) Cylinder configuration:
  • single cylinder strap (SCS) for single cylinder configurations and universal cylinder strap (TCS) for single and twin cylinder configurations.

Connect ECU
Electronic monitoring unit features:

  • Integrated ADSU and distress signalling.
  • Visual and acoustic warnings and alarms.
  • Easy Push-Button Operation.
  • Digital display of cylinder pressure.
  • User configurable.
  • Enhanced display
  • Automatic self tests and system tests.
  • Data log with personal ID.
  • PC link software.
  • Time to whistle.
  • Choice of operation modes.
  • Lightweight user friendly design.

Key - SCS = Single Cylinder Strap TCS = Twin Cylinder strap QC = Quick Connect HA = Height Adjustable SB = Safety Belt WW = Webbing Waistpad CH = chargAir

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