Dräger CPS 5900

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Size: Small - Dräger CPS 5900
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The Dräger CPS 5900 offers protection against solid, liquid and gaseous chemicals.
- Material: Zytron® 500
- Colour: Orange
- Weight: app. 3.0 kg

It will be delivered in a transport bag.

The CPS 5900 is the lightweight disposable gas-tight suit for hazmat incidents. If the pure protection against hazardous gases, liquids and particles has the highest priority it is the suit of choice. The new Dräger design offers improved ergonomics and optimised compatibility with various types of personal protective equipment including latest breathing apparatus’ helmets and other PPE. Even working with two cylinders on your back or closed circuit breathing apparatus is possible.

Breathing Apparatus and helmet are worn under the suit.

The protective suit comes with a fixed glove combination (Laminate and Butyl glove) and gas-tight socks. The user needs to wear additional safety boots over the socks.

The suit's zipper and the double cover flap are situated on the left front side. It is closed at the top. The Dräger CPS 5900 PT is equipped with a Dräger Air-Connect. This enables the suit to be connected to an external air source. This way the wearer can be supplied with additional breathing air.

- NFPA 1994, class 2
- EN 943 part 1 & 2 (Type 1a)
- SOLAS II-2, Reg.19
- ISO 16 602:2007 (except CPS 5900 PT)

The CPS 5900 is available in the following sizes:

  • - S (R57781): for body height of 150 cm to 165 cm
  • - M (R57782): for body height of 160 cm to 175 cm
  • - L (R57783): for body height of 170 cm to 185 cm
  • - XL (R57784): for body height of 180 cm to 200 cm
  • - XXL (R57785): for body height of 195 cm to 210 cm

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