3G18X22W50M-N2110 Honeywell 50ppm CO - 2.2% CH4 (ATEX=50% LEL) 18% O₂‚ in N2: 110L

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Honeywell 50ppm CO - 2.2% CH₄ (ATEX=50% LEL) 18% O₂ in N₂, 110L

Shelf Life: 60 months

3 Gas Mixes

110 Litres

P/N: 2GAS18X125W-N2-34


Suitable for Fixed, BW and RAE Systems: Demand Flow Regulator for pumped devices and Docking stations: REG-DF-1. Manual Regulator for Honeywell portable gas detectors: Reg-0.50 Manual Regulator for Impulse/Impact (Pro): Reg-0.30

Regulators must be ordered separately.

Effective shelf life depends on transportation and storage time and could potentially vary from the above stated minimum and maximum shelf life expectancy. Please refer to the production date label on the bottle before use.

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