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Waistbelt for Dräger X-plore 9000

Waistbelt for Dräger X-plore 9000

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Waistbelt for Dräger X-plore 9000

The Dräger X-plore 9000 compressed air hose system is used for working conditions in industry that require ambient air-independent air supply. This belt set is used to connect the air supply hose on the one hand and a breathing hose on the other side, and also has a manually adjustable regulation of the airflow volume flow (adjustable between 170 and 400 l / min).

Dräger X-plore 9000 is the new Supplied Air System in the Dräger programme.
The Dräger, X-plore 9000 utilises the Dräger range of X-plore headtops the belt
manifold can be connected via 10mtrs of hose to a pressurised ring main,
a mobile air source or directly to a compressor.

This product is a waistbelt for the Dräger X-plore 9000

Please Note: This product is just the waist belt and does not come with a Dräger X-plore 9000 unit

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