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    Training unit Dräger Oxy K 30 S

    Training unit Dräger Oxy K 30 S

    • £803.07

    Training unit Dräger Oxy K 30 S

    The Drager Oxy K 30 S is an oxygen self-rescuer.  This particular version of the Oxy K 30 is a training unit.  The unit also features a handy shoulder strap.

    This particular self-rescuer also provides users with chemically bound oxygen for up to 30 minutes. 

    One of the main advantages of having a training unit is preparation.  The Oxy K 30 ST will allow wearers to practice donning and doffing the self-rescuer and allow them to become familiarised with the unit.  The Oxy K 30 is relatively compact and can be placed comfortably over the head and shoulders. 

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