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Meshguard LEL Kit including External Powerpaks

Meshguard LEL Kit including External Powerpaks

  • £14,521.00

Meshguard LEL Kit including External Powerpaks

Comes in 3 ruggedized transportation cases

4x LEL Detectors

MeshGuard is a rugged, battery-powered toxic gas detector integrated with a Mesh radio modem. Designed for use in harsh and hazardous environments, MeshGuard systems are ideal for temporary area monitoring projects lasting from 1 week to 6 months. A variety of turn-key MeshGuard system kits with standard sensor configurations are available for this product.

Each MeshGuard Compliance Kit includes:

  • A controller as specified (with mounting bracket)
  • 4-8 MeshGuard detectors (as specified)
  • Rugged transport case with custom foam
  • Mesh Router (as specified)
  • Accessories as listed

Key Features:

  • Self-forming wireless network; units come online automatically
  • Compact and lightweight
  • IP-65 rated weather resistant, and splash guard equipped for sensor protection
  • Multiple controller options for real-time wireless data collection and viewing
  • Self-healing network automatically routes data back to the controller through the best wireless path available
  • Battery powered operation for up to 6months
  • SolarPak provides 24/7 uptime
  • Intrinsically Safe
  • Magnetic mounting option for quick and easy MeshGuard installation

A MeshGuard Extension Kit can be added to the system to expand the number of detection points

Alternatively, a system can be configured by selecting the desired components individually including a controller, detectors, mounting options, power, and accessories.

Please Note: Disposable batteries need to be ordered seperately. A minimum of 8 disposable batteries are recommended to be ordered seperately.

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