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Drägersorb 400 18kg

Drägersorb 400 18kg

  • £205.30

Drägersorb 400 18kg

Drägersorb 400 is a product which is suitable for use with the PSS BG4 closed circuit breathing apparatus set, also from Dräger Safety. This particular version of the accessory comes in a 18 kilogram bottle.


You have the ability to absorb any acidic gases, such as carbon dioxide (CO2), from the breathing apparatus using Drägersorb. One of the main benefits of this product is the high abrasion resistance which reduces the generation of dust within the apparatus. It also features a high carbon dioxide (CO2) absorption capacity due to its inner active surface.

Drägersorb has a certain packing density and hemispherical pellet form which provides low breathing resistance during use. An even filling of an absorbent cartridge also allows reproducible absorption results.

The PSS BG4 CCBA set will provide you with dry, clean breathing air for up to four hours and is a product which may typically be used in firefighting applications.

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