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Dräger X-plore 4740 TPE body size (M/L)

Dräger X-plore 4740 TPE body size (M/L)

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Dräger X-plore 4740 TPE body size (M/L)

Dräger offer the X-plore 4740 half face mask for respiratory protection in a number of industries. This particular version of the half mask requires Rd40 filters, comes in a size medium/large and features a soft TPE material.

The X-plore 4700 series of half face masks are both robust and comfortable to wear. The mask offers a very tight fit to the face and excellent leak tightness for long-term tasks. The specially shaped nose seal and plastic frame also add to the superior fit of the mask.

Another feature of the X-plore 4740 from Dräger is the FlexiFit head harness. This harness allows you to don and doff the mask quickly and efficiently without entanglement of the hair and without having to apply any unnecessary pressure.


  • Exhalation valve is positioned so moisture escapes the mask and a dry atmosphere is maintained
  • Hard mask body is made from durable PP plastic
  • Remove your mask without having to take off your safety hat using the drop-down strap system

Please Note: Filters are not included with this product


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